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The process


Have you got a fantastic looking website offering your products or services but are lacking customers. We will work with you to identify the best keywords to target in order to generate targeted traffic. This is a key step to ensure the quickest possible return on investment.


We will explain the full process that we take to in order to achieve what we set out to do. Firstly, we increase your website's domain authority and also page authority. After carrying this out, we can then be more focussed on targeting your money keywords. The process is continued until page one rankings have been achieved throughout a set of keywords.


We will continue developing the campaign with agreed tweaks and additional keyword targeting. All changes and development throughout the campaign is agreed with you to ensure we meet expectations. Your small business deserves world class SEO to help market you business online.


We make it easy for you to get the online results you're looking for—contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

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About us


We have a real passion for search engine optimisation and everything the encompasses it. We do exactly what we say we will. That is achieve search engine result rankings that are on page one of Google. SEO can transform many businesses and we take great pride in knowing this.

SEO is an ever changing world but they are only tweaks here and there. Our techniques focus on using what works in the eyes of Google. That is backlinks. We are able to create authoritative unique links that point back to your website, therefore boosting it up the search engine results positions.


Our links

Relevant Content

Each link we create will contain unique content. The content will be relevant and related to the industry you are in. Well written by a native English speaker. The websites we create will look like real life businesses - just another measure we take to ensure quality links.

Authoritative Domains

We buy expired and auction domains that are of the very best quality. Using MajesticSEO we look at the Trust Flow and Citation Flow and ensure that they are both over 15. Next we consider the age of the domain, typically at least one year old. The domain must have a clean backlink profile, therefore no foreign backlinks with Russian or Chinese links and at least 50 clean links. Another metric we look at the the history.

Link Placement

Once the domains have been purchased, along with domain privacy and varied hosts and lets not forget related content. We then place links to your site in a gradual manner. This is to make sure we do not raise any flags with Google. Thus, we have create authoritative contextual links which Google loves.




We are currently looking for talented writers to join us. You'll be working from home as we truly are an online SEO company. We manage to keep our overheads low as we have no commercial offices. Our salaries are competitive and our ethos is friendly—don't get stuck working for a boring 9 to 5 job when you deserve far more!

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